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Interview with La Prensa, Panama
Preview of the MusicArte Festival, Panama
A performance of 7 Studies on Chapter 34 reviewed by The Glass

Upcoming Event

Sunday August 23, Constellation Chicago, 8:30pm
Music with Films
Performed by Dalia Chin (flute), members of Ensemble Dal Niente and guest conductor David Cubek

Photo_burials, august 23

“This project is partially supported by an Individual Artist Program Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events, as well as a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency through federal funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts.”



A review of the concerts with the Symphonic Orchestra of Heredia (OSH), Dalia Chin (flute) and Walter Morales (conductor) by critic José Manuel Rojas: Reseña-IV Concierto-Temporada 2014.

“Pasos en otra calle” is available for download through the New Focus Recordings label. This album, recorded by Fonema Consort features works by Pablo Chin and Mauricio Pauly.

“(in)armonia: motets” was premiered by Fonema Consort and Voix de Stras’ at the Constellation Theater in Chicago and The Musical Offering in Evanston. Click here to watch the performance, with movements from Scelsi’s Ko-Lho’s interspersed.

Blogposts : From Estrada’s graphic compositional methods, to Surrealism according to Breton and Inspiration Boards: Pablo Chin’s Boschiana

Chin has been commissioned by French vocal ensemble Voix de Stras’ to write a work for six voices, to be premiered during their Midwest tour in April 2014. The work will also be performed in Strasbourg, France in the Fall of 2014.

Chin has been awarded a grant from Costa Rica’s ACAM to produce a CD compilation of the chamber works for voice with instruments of himself and composer Mauricio Pauly, performed by Fonema Consort. The CD released is scheduled for Spring 2014.

Chin has been commissioned by the Claremont College Orchestra to write a new work for flute and orchestra, which will be premiered in late October by flautist Ysmael Reyes and the CCO under conductor David Cubek.Claremont College Orchestra | Poster

Music for the Hedgehog in the Fog

For chamber ensemble – 2012


In the form of a shell | Sketch

(b. 1982) Recent works by Chin draw inspiration from the narratives of film and literature, phonetic structures in text, and the use of idiosyncratic transcription methods that enable imaginative exploration of pre-existent musical sources.

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